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The recorded music industry is an exciting, dynamic and challenging environment. A hit song is the collaborative effort of a long string of dedicated, focused professionals, all working toward one common goal: making great music. Songwriters, Engineers and Producers assisted by the enormous world of digital technology strive to deliver music that motivates and moves us.

The end goal is a sale. Teambuilding with Music brings this goal oriented, team based approach to a one day workshop where your group will Conceptualize, Collaborate, Create and Complete the task of writing, producing and recording your own song! Teambuilding with Music is your opportunity to re-connect, rejuvenate and express your ideas through the wonderful medium of music. Imagine the renewed sense of self and the new connections and relationships you will make with others on this unique journey. Teambuilding with Music is truly a one of a kind experience!

Participants will spend the early portion of the morning learning the basics and the key concepts behind successful songs and songwriting techniques. This large group multi media presentation is aimed at stimulating your creative side and removing the barriers that stand between you and the artist within you. We will also touch briefly on the technology we will be embracing and how to make this technology a part of the whole process. The late morning and afternoon sessions will be spent in smaller groups conceptualizing lyrics, collaborating to create final drafts and capturing the energy and emotion as a completed recording. The final vocal will be recorded as a group, much like the 1980s sensation 'We Are The World'.

This is a workshop aimed at integrating the strength of all participants to one common goal, not a star search competition. Groups will choose from a variety of previously recorded musical arrangements and integrate their original lyrical content to create a finished product. Groups are provided with all the resources and assistance they need to complete this task within a desired time frame.

Time permitting, groups have the option to enhance their performances with a variety of different tools including pitch correcting software, additional percussion and extra voices. We supply everything needed to Conceptualize, Collaborate, Create and Complete your own hit song!

Afraid of Technology? One of the obstacles we face in our daily lives is the ever changing world of digital technology and how it applies to us. This eye opening workshop will help you better understand the digital world and many of its applications. By removing fear and replacing it with understanding we create a unique learning opportunity.

Our full mobile recording studio is equipped with Apple PowerBooks, Pro tools software and state of the art microphones. We supply the technology, and show you how to maximize its potential and minimize the learning curve. You will no longer fear technology but will find yourself problem solving with your colleagues and embracing new technologies to your benefit.

In addition to the obvious benefits, each participant will receive a completed CD approximately 30 days after completing the workshop. What a great reminder and follow up to such an enlightening and educational experience.

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For Additional Information, Pricing and Creative Options/Suggestions please contact Jim Cronk at Retreat Studios at 705-689-9236, Email: CRONK IT UP!

Jim Cronk   
(705) 689-8019   

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